Roger Bacon was raised on the High Plains and retains the long view that far-off horizons provide.


Stumbling into the golf business at the height of the S&L crisis, he entered an industry on the cusp of an unprecedented boom.  He has worked with the USGA, The Golf Channel and spent several years working on the start-up Sand Hills Golf Club.  He has chased projects in Israel, India and Southwest Asia. 


Roger Bacon has worked with nonprofit Boards for more than twenty years.  In 2010 he founded the nonprofit KGC Fund to foster a resurrection of the Kabul Golf Club at the height of the Afghan war.  A successful entrepreneur, golf executive and project manager, Roger has traveled extensively, building a global network of contacts and associations.  The mission of "return to prominence" has been assigned and accomplished by leading organizations through the perils of damaged brands and disoriented governance.


Working in the board room, with the management team or in the field, Roger Bacon combines a firm grasp of technology with a keen ability to build relationships and teams. Managing projects in diverse environments across America and around the world, it is his ability to create positive relationships between stakeholders that has earned Roger Bacon an unparalleled track record of success.